Turkish impressions

Marion – Here we are, a few days before the next departure for our second country of this great journey that we started at the end of September.
It was a nice month spent with Sinan’s family even if it was especially marked by the absence of my family who we miss a lot and by the loss of an important person in my life and that of my Mother. It really made me realise how important it is to be with our loved ones and to accept the choices we have decided to make. Even if I had already become aware of this during my various stays in the four corners of the planet, my long years in Vienna had allowed me to avoid this kind of situation.
During this month, we were given the opportunity to extend the summer as long as possible and to discover Turkish family life.
We went to Bodrum and Fethyia. We already knew Bodrum, Sinan and I, having been there 7 years ago.
We had a real crush on Fethyie and its region, mountains and sea as far as the eye can see.
The children were even able to take their first boat trip. They were delighted, so much so that they thought they were pirates.
The whole thing felt more like a holiday than a world tour. Sinan leads more of a digital nomad life than a world trip tourist though. The school rhythm for the kiddies is rather random at the moment, and we’re hoping that we’ll manage to be more regular in the future. We tell ourselves that despite everything, they learn something new every day in the school of life and that their level of Turkish has clearly improved, even mine. I still don’t speak it but I understand 30% of it now.
Now it’s time for some more of the serious stuff. We are on the eve of our departure for the United States and as since the beginning of this adventure, nothing is planned/booked except our first days at my sister and her husband’s place in Boston. We’ll have to slowly get into it. For now, we’re packing again as we have been doing at least once a week this month and we can’t wait to see Tata Kiki & Antoine!

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