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Bulgaria is winning you over!

Marion – Looking at the social networks, I realise that Bulgaria might be worth the trip and then, above all, that Greece in the middle of the season was not something we wanted to do. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay very long in Turkey because of the security conditions required by Sinan’s work.So we thought, why … Continue reading Bulgaria is winning you over!

The Alpha and the Omega

Marion – It was magical to arrive in Greece by ferry. View of the sunrise over the city of Patras from the boat, a moment out of time… Well, as for the night on the boat, the children slept well, that’s the main thing. We, the adults, have had better nights… The neighbours shared their … Continue reading The Alpha and the Omega


Marion – We spent 5 weeks in Italy and I have to say that it was a nice surprise for me.I don’t fit the Austrian pattern of spending at least one holiday a year in Italy since childhood.For the children it was their “real” first time as we have already done stopover in Italy but … Continue reading Eatalia


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