Bulgaria is winning you over!

Marion – Looking at the social networks, I realise that Bulgaria might be worth the trip and then, above all, that Greece in the middle of the season was not something we wanted to do. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay very long in Turkey because of the security conditions required by Sinan’s work.
So we thought, why not, let’s go to Bulgaria.
A colleague of my Mum’s kindly gave us lots of information about what to do and see, what to do and where to go.
We had no idea what to expect with Sinan. Sinan had the stereotypes of Balkan and Mediterranean countries in his head, I was more post-Soviet. So the mix of the 3 was so improbable that it was impossible to make a picture of it.
Our first contact with this magnificent country was in Melnik, the smallest town where everyone makes their own wine. We parked, opened the door and met a nice man. He speaks half Bulgarian and half English, tells us not to worry, keeps the car and even offers biscuits to the children. When we leave, we buy a bottle of white wine from his own production (which we have to pay in Euros as there is no means of withdrawal in this small village) and he gives us some fruit for the children.
Our first contact with Bulgaria confirmed what we felt afterwards, even in the capital Sofia, the Bulgarians have a heart on their hand and are always ready to help you.
We enjoyed nature and greenery again. Everyone enjoyed it, like in Meteora 2 weeks before but I’ll talk more about it in the article about Greece.
We discovered a lot of places even if there were some misses such as the most important geyser of Europe, invisible because it was under construction.
In my opinion, the little known plus would be the town of Stara Zagora. It’s like Plovdiv but without any foreign tourists because very few tourists hear about it (and fortunately)!
We loved this country and we already plan to go back there, a real favorite like Lanzarote !

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