The Alpha and the Omega

Marion – It was magical to arrive in Greece by ferry. View of the sunrise over the city of Patras from the boat, a moment out of time… Well, as for the night on the boat, the children slept well, that’s the main thing. We, the adults, have had better nights… The neighbours shared their party with everyone and it was warmer outside than inside. Anyway, fortunately not all nights are the same 😉 We drove straight to Meteora. We only spent a week in Greece this time and only in Meteora as we will be back in mid-August until the end of September. It’s a beautiful area and so quiet. A real sound’s contrast after Italy. We only visited one monastery as Thais and I are afraid of heights so it was difficult to do the others. We mostly enjoyed hiking and resting as unfortunately I caught a cold on the boat. The children were delighted to be able to walk in nature again. We didn’t do much of that in Italy because of the heat wave. We also went to the village market and it was a treat for the eyes and the stomach. Moreover, the Greeks are really adorable and communication was much easier even though they didn’t necessarily speak better English than the Italians. They were especially keen to make us discover their region. We can’t wait to discover the rest of the country later!

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