There is never a dull moment around here…

Marion – The last 3 months have been full of twists and turns. A brief look back because here we are again on the road. It will be Europe this summer and more precisely, Italy at the moment. We returned to Austria thinking that we would only stay there for 3/4 weeks. We enjoyed our family and friends very much, the schedule was very busy. We went to the outskirts of Vienna for a week, just Sinan and I. It was good to be away from the kids for a while. We love them more than anything else, but being together 24/7, you have to be able to recharge your batteries whenever you get the chance. Moreover, the children were more than happy to be able to take full advantage of Mamitou & Opa, the opposite being true too. Then we went to Zadar for a week with my parents. Even though we were all sick, we enjoyed the area and the sun. It was really a beautiful discovery and we wish to go back one day to enjoy it longer. We returned to Vienna to look for the best date to fly to New Zealand. Date found, tickets taken for May 23rd. We enjoy the last moments at home but fate decided otherwise. I had to have an emergency operation. Everything went very well and I’m back on my feet to enjoy the rest of the trip without any worry. For safety’s sake and to reassure us all, we decided to postpone New Zealand in October and to do Europe this summer. So here’s to the sun, the heat and the dolce vita!!

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