A timeless bubble

Marion – I’m finally back to write a report on Lanzarote, a beautiful little island in the Canaries.
This decision taken on a whim 2 weeks before our arrival was a great idea and a wonderful surprise.
Moreover, Sinan was very happy not to have to get up at 4:30 am to be on time for his online appointments.
We really felt in love with this one. You might say, we haven’t seen any other so how can we know, good question and we won’t know the answer until we’ve been elsewhere.
In any case, I can only say that just a few days after our arrival, I was already considering moving to this beautiful island.
Space as far as the eye can see, this ochre colour, the ocean and all these possibilities of activities in the middle of nature, a real crush, I tell you.
It was a change for us to be able to walk almost every day without having to pay an entrance fee like in Mexico or Croatia. The children were impressed by all these volcanoes (there are 110) and we had to reassure them each time that they were all sleeping soundly.
They have developed a taste for walking and being outdoors all the time. They miss it now.
I, who love the mountains and Sinan the sea, we both had our happiness at hand.
There were very few people. Despite the constant spring principle, we had rain and cold draughts. It was a bit like April before its time.
We had a few setbacks with the accommodation but the rest of it was so charming that it didn’t affect us at all. The return to the city was hard after having only desert scenery or the ocean in action as a horizon line. This post is shorter than the previous ones but it’s really hard to put into words how we felt.
It felt like we were on holiday all the time when we were not. The children were not exempt from school and Sinan was working as usual.
I sincerely hope that one day we will stay a little longer than usual on this beautiful island. We were there for 5 weeks but we hope to be able to settle there one day.
Who knows, dreaming is always good for the brain.

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