“México, Méxicooooo”

Marion – Well, before our stay in Lanzarote comes to an end, it’s time for a report from Mexico.
This country was and still is a place where emotions are felt the strongest.
Someday I will do a separate article on what it is like to be on the roller coaster of long trips.
So we stayed almost 2 months in Mexico.
During the first part, my Mother was with us. We were on the Yucatan Peninsula and celebrated New Year’s, Three Kings and Thais’ birthday in Puerto Morelos. It is beautiful and the green is very good for the eyes, but it is not representative of Mexico. I had a hard time getting hooked and was less attracted to seeing the area. We still went to see Valladolid, the ruins of Ek Balam, Cancun and Playa del Carmen.
Then, when Mamitou returned to Europe, we went to San Miguel de Allende, in the Guanajuato region, for 4 weeks. I really wanted to show my little family the place where I lived for a year, exactly 10 years ago.
SMA is like Vienna, it doesn’t change. You come back 10 years later, there are some new shops but the rest is true to itself, the friends are still there.
I saw many friends again and it was as if we had seen each other yesterday. It was heartwarming.
We also celebrated the French version of Candlemas with pancakes and the Mexican version with tamales (a mixture of rice flour and vegetables or chicken wrapped in banana leaves).
The children were even able to spend two weeks in a Mexican school where they celebrated Valentine’s Day. It is important to know that there it is the holiday of friendship above all else and they were spoiled by their little friends. In fact, they made friends more quickly than in the United States. It was quite a mission to get there and back, but by the looks on their faces, it was well worth the effort.
We also took the opportunity to visit Guanajuato Capital, Queretaro and Attotonilco.
Mexico is now as beautiful and exotic as ever, but even more dangerous than 10 years ago. I had some adventures, crossed part of the country alone, but I wouldn’t do that now and I was even more alert with the kids, my Mother and Sinan by my side.
I have some bad memories that made me hope it wouldn’t happen to us. I had a hard time letting go and enjoying 100% like I did more than 10 years ago. Especially when at that time there are people who are also on a long journey and have had traumatic experiences. This makes me think that maybe we did not do more, but at least I know that the image that my Family will have will be a beautiful image of Mexico.
Also, some disappointment that Mexicans still don’t know how to say no, for still not being able to be punctual. Although my friends tried to make an effort for me because they know that after so many years in Austria, my limit is still the french quarter of an hour in delay.
Sinan enjoyed SMA very much. He wouldn’t mind going back for more. Well, he would have to get up again at 4:30 am every weekday to work, but otherwise the pace of life is an European mix with wonderful Mexican folklore.
That said, I know that SMA will remain my favorite city forever.
So I was very happy to have kept my promise to go again and to have made my family discover this beautiful country, but next time, friends, I will see you in Argentina!

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