America rewind

Marion – Time passes too quickly and above all, we took the opportunity to spend as much time as possible with my family.
A little throwback to our last month in the US, in December 2021.
After the end of our isolation, we enjoyed living 1000% American style. Besides, I want to give us a little thumbs up anyway (not too much but a little), we spent 3 weeks locked up in a superb apartment (thank you Tata Kiki + Tonton Antoine) without television or film on the computer. I can tell you that the first outing to the park was a breath of fresh air for everyone in every sense of the word.
So straight after our outing, the children, Ouistiti and Loulou, had the chance to spend a week in an American kindergarten. Long live Google translation whether it is so that they can be understood and also for the animators. On the 3rd day, they finally had American friends. The fact that they were both in the same group helped a lot to make it happen without tears or fear.
It also allowed them to change their horizon a little, other people than always the same, different culinary tastes.
Ot was good to be a bit appart but even if I had my mornings free, I was very busy. We took advantage of lunch alone without having to struggle to find a babysitter.
Almost every night we took tours to different places so we could see all the Christmas lights. Zoos and even private houses put on quite a show and often transform their environment into a fairy tale!!
We left one last time for a weekend in Rhodes Island before my parents and my brother joined us for Christmas.
The 9 of us spent it near a frozen lake lost in the forest in Maine, it was magnificent. We were even able to eat outside (in cosmonaut mode anyway) lunch on December 24, it was so sunny. A great experience and wonderful memories.
On the other hand, the four of us decided after that to try not to spend the winter in the cold anymore. The wind in Boston got the better of us!!
We wish you a happy new year 2022 and see you soon for new adventures!!

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