American Way of life

Marion – We left you when we left for the US and with some direct impressions of Sinan during our American roadtrip.
So we came here on purpose so that we could have a real Halloween like the Americans really do.
We were therefore able to go to a farm, choose our own pumpkin and do all the activities that go with it (corn maze, apple harvest, etc.).
We went to Boston for Halloween. It was a treat for the children and Sinan who were discovering this dor the first time. For me, it brought back memories of my Halloween in California when I was in my first year of prinary school at my godmother’s house with my cousins / cousin. The children received so much chocolate that the last Halloween sweets are used for the Advent calendar.
After that, we left for 3 weeks on a roadtrip along the East Coast. It was necessary to adapt to Sinan’s constraints in relation to the time difference for his professional meetings.
We did Boston – Meritt Island Florida as a round trip.
We took the opportunity to visit Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida on the road.
And it really answered what we were looking for with this world tour.
We have been to places little known, even downright remote. We only met locals, not a foreign tourist (well, like us) on the horizon. In addition, we experienced moments out of time where we only enjoyed the rolling waves in South Carolina or the launch of the SpaceX3 rocket in Florida. The children have experienced first highlights from their early years that we too were experiencing for the first time.
They are now very interested in the ocean and aerospace.
If anyone is interested, here are the highlights of our roadtrip:
Charleston, NC
Meritt Island, FL
Disney springs, FL
Providence Canyon, GA
Ocmulgee Mounds National Monument, GA
Hilton Head Island, SC
Savannah, GA
Congaree National Park, SC
This allowed us to realize once again that we are more for road travel than taking planes on planes.
We also know that we can make up our minds and book at the last moment without having to worry, and the best period is always off-season. We celebrated our return to Boston with an NBA game with the Boston Celtics. Sinan finally made one of his childhood wishes come true. It was a superb atmosphere in a controlled environment, it pleased us all, even and especially the children.
Now, we are on a break for a little while in order to regain our strength to start afresh.
See you soon!!

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