Early on the road

Sinan – Today we woke up early again and the kids are still asleep. We are packing and leaving Charleston SC. We have a long way to Florida. Our everyday life is now quite different now than what it was back in Vienna. We are travelling from town to town and moving spontaneously. But still, there is a lot to organize. An effort, which does not seem to diminish. We are still in the search of a proper rhythm for all of us and we try to enjoy the time we spend and overcome the challenges. Which is not always possible. But we are well underway. Today, especially early. Eager to see what’s ahead. Florida surprises us with incessant rain and storm. Nevertheless, we see the light at the end of the tunnel and have some time to relax. Relief, with the hope that what’s ahead of us brings beautiful adventures and we will manage everything better. For me there is no homesickness, but only a longing for a new kind of serenity, only to be found on the road.

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