At the beginning

Marion – Here we are, less than a month before we take off for new horizons. But let’s recap on this sudden change: a world tour, we’ve been thinking about it for a long time, especially me. Those who know me won’t deny it. But we didn’t think we would do it so quickly because after having continuously postponed it since 2016 and considering once and for all to do it once the children would have started their primary school, fate gave us a little push. During our holidays in June, we learned that the kindergarten was closing its doors for good mid-August. We went through all kinds of emotions until we finally said to ourselves, it’s now or never. I resigned at the end of July, Sinan agreed to work 30 hours a week remotely from September 2021. Our organisation is a bit chaotic but we will get there. Imagine packing boxes or suitcases, emptying cupboards and seeing constantly the contents disappearing/reappearing as little hands play with all the “new” things they find on their way. It’s not easy to move forward at a steady pace but at least we don’t get bored. We even take the opportunity to visit our beautiful Vienna, don’t worry! All this to say that normally in one month we will already be in Istanbul. Actually, we still have to buy the plane tickets and to find a proper insurance. To be continued…

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